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2012 / 08
Chianciano Biennale 2013
2013 / 10

The London Art Biennale 2013

This prestigious exhibition that takes place on the King's Road, Chelsea, where artists such as Augustus John and Alma Tadema created what is known as the true artistic centre of London.

The Chelsea Old Town Hall was designed by John Brydon in 1885, an architect who was commissioned to realise very important projects including the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Memorial Hospital, the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath and the Government Offices Great George Street in London.

The Biennale 2013 hosted the works of 160 artists selected from 40 nations.

Marie Gagliardi is an influential and opinionmaking person in the worldwide art market. She is the owner of galleries in London. Ryszard Miłek was approved to Biennial without selection, on the individual invitation of Marie Gagliardi.

The winning painting from the "Improvisations of the various subjects" series is an act with the anatomical outline in monochromatic tones. According to Miłek, such color scheme is being liked in London, because already a year ago during the last edition of the Biennial he sold similar work.

"I was not expecting any awards. With this attitude I went to London. And maybe that's why it worked?" - said Ryszard Miłek, enjoying the prize. - "Great event, great artists from around the world. For me also the opportunity to make new contacts. Today, London and Berlin are the capitals of the European art. This makes the reward more satisfying. Marie Gagliardi really complimented my painting, even repeated that she is a big fan of my pastels."

Awarded work


London is the global art capital and the London Art Biennale is where the contemporary art of the world is presented. The first edition of the London Art Biennale takes place in January 2010 and there will be artists that have been exhibited in some of the most important museums in the world as well as emerging artists who have been selected for their talent. The London Art Biennale is solely dedicated to works on canvas, sculptures and drawings.